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There Will Be a Proper Update Later
But in the meantime, the drizzly, mold-ridden weather has a might-be-a-migraine squeezing my brains and making me feel like I'm wearing a python for a hat. The migrainey nature is indicated by the nausea, light sensitivity, and total resistance to any of the usual treatments. Every time I sneeze or cough or clear my throat, I feel like the top of my head might blow off, and I feel vaguely sorry that it doesn't, because at least that would relieve the pressure.

Thankfully, tricky bits of teaching are done for today, because I have all the mental acuity of a ball of wet Kleenex. And Geography Teacher's classes were canceled for the day, because a power outage has his whole campus in darkness until tonight, so he had consoling things to say and will be making dinner, and I think I can look forward gratefully to being coddled. &hearts

But in the meantime, until regular and intelligent thought is restored, here, have a quiz! You have to laugh at yourself when you realize that you're taking a quiz entitled "What Kind of Scarf Are You?", but on the other hand... it feels seasonally appropriate, and the result made me smile.

You Are a Funky Scarf

You are flashy and outgoing. You love to experiment with new looks and ideas.

Sometimes you prefer form over function. You are definitely quite whimsical.

When it comes to style, you are usually a trendsetter. People envy the way you can put together a look.

You're curious about the world in general, and you're always making amazing discoveries.

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*sends anti-python cream for your head* Bless Geography Teacher for coddling, and here's hoping a change in the weather brings happy head back for a nice-long visit.

I am a Big Patterened Scarf, but it makes sense, given that trendsetting is the opposite of my middle name :D

Aw, thank you! The anti-python cream (not to be confused with anti-Python cream, which I would NEVER apply) and the coddling worked beautifully, and my head is very happy again today! The weather cooperated, too, for which I am grateful. :D

Ahaha! Who cares if you're a trend-setter? You ARE a Big Patterned Scarf, and that's exactly why I adore you. ~squishes you~

Yay! I'm so happy you're feeling better today! And gracious, I would never even support purveyors of anti-Python cream through purchasing it, much less send it to someone else!

Hmm. Now, where can I find some pro-Python cream for sillying up the place?

In re: scarves, I'm perfectly content being a Big Patterened Scarf! I have been known to adorn the necks of Wizards and Time Lords,after all ;D

Well, exactly! Big Patterened Scarves have all the grandest adventures. :D

If you discover where to get pro-Python cream, let me know. That would be infinitely useful stuff.

Your quiz result made me grin. It's pretty much in line with how I see you: someone cool, creative, and smart. (I got a Wool Scarf: practical and comfortable.)

Feel better! *hugs*

Thank you! ~hugs~ I'm feeling much better today, and it's such a relief.

And awwww, thank you again! ~blushes~ You know, I'm a bit surprised at the apparent accuracy of that quiz, because I read the description of Wool Scarf, and it reminded me of the qualities I associate with (and love about) you: warm, stylish, sensible. :D

(And for the record, Geography Teacher is a Wool Scarf, too, so you're in good company. *g*)

Edited at 2012-08-28 05:16 pm (UTC)

The quiz has shown it isn't accurate for everyone, but I was surprised that it worked for me. :D

Yes, I've seen some people who are more skeptical about their results. In a way, that's a bit comforting, since it was a bit weird to think you could figure out my personality based purely on the fact that I like stylish boots, blanket cuddles, and toasting marshmallow by the fire. ;-)

And it was accurate for you! :D

You are totally funky.

Enjoy dinner with GT. ;)

Awww, thank you! I'll take that as a compliment. ;-)

And I did very much, thanks. I'm still not entirely used to having somebody there to look after me sometimes, but I definitely do appreciate it, and I know it made me feel much better yesterday. &hearts

Feel better soon, sweetie! Let Geo Man take good care of you.

Thank you very much! I feel vastly improved today. Part of it is the sunshine, I'm sure, but I think the other part has everything to do with the coddling. ;-) It's good to allow yourself to be coddled every now and then.

(Although can you believe his classes are canceled AGAIN today? I'm almost jealous, but then I remember that he'll have to wedge all the missed material into fewer classes.)

Well, on the flipside, if anyone could pull off a hat-python, and do so fabulously, it would be you; but, *hugs* weather-induced headaches are atrocious and you have my sympathies. I hope the well-deserved coddling helps!

Aww! You're too kind. If it were only a fashion accessory, I'd definitely try to rock it, but unfortunately, this is one element I do NOT want to add to my regular wardrobe. ;-)

Thanks so much for the well-wishes! ~hugs~ It's been a bad season for weather-induced headaches, but GT's coddling is an enormous comfort, and I'm feeling 100% better today.

Wool scarf. Sounds accu-rat.
Sorry about the migraine (little bastards) but woohoo for GT cuddles.

Awww, I like Wool Scarves very much! Geography Teacher is a Wool Scarf, too, so you're in some very good company. ;-)

Thanks for the well-wishes! It's been a migraine-y summer, unfortunately, but the cuddling has proven to be a very effective therapy.

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