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With crossed fingers and high hopes...
I've been up since 3 AM and am now off to take Dad to the hospital for his surgery, because he needs to be there by 5 AM. (The surgery itself will be at 7:30.)

Today is the day, obviously, and we're going forward with all possible hope and determination for the best outcome. From all indicators, it should go well. I hope so. I very much hope so. I'm filled with an almost unshakeable uncertainty that all will be well, which means that I am either naive or an optimist--or maybe both. But I do feel certain. I'm trying to will that same feeling of calm certainty into my Dad's mind and heart right now. Any good thoughts or healing vibes or prayers or positive energy or candles or whatever you have to offer him now and in the days to come would be very much appreciated.

It'll be a long day. But in the end, I have hope that it will also be a good one.

All WILL be well.

(And a Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of you, and a million glittery kisses of thanks to pokeystar for the lovely e-card, and another million glittery kisses of thanks to imashambles for sending me such a touching note and such sparkly valentines, and another million glittery kisses to pyjamapants for sending me such an awesome box of awesome and a note that made me cry happy tears [I'm wearing the peacock socks today, PJ, for luck!], and finally, a million glittery kisses to ideserveyou for the surprise Valentine gift of a wonderful, wonderful little fluffy-angsty gem of a Mighty Boosh story, which I HIGHLY encourage you all to read and lavish with the praise it deserves: Might Have Been. Thank you, all of you, for being such wonderful friends.)

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Wishing you nothing but the best. I will pray for your dad.

Loves you, Sonia :)

Sending you love, strength and hugs and good vibes for your Dad.

Hope all goes well xo

Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for the best possible outcome. Sending positive vibes and many good thoughts!

Sending love, good thoughts and good wishes to your dad. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

I am sending the very best of vibes for your dad and your whole family. Also sending a few of Lockhart's cherubs to scatter sparkly confetti over your heads.

Keeping everything crossed for you and your family. You hang on to that spirit of optimism; you have to believe that all will be well in the end, even if it's a long haul to get there. You have done and are doing everything you possibly can, and it's great that your medical team has taken such prompt action. Your dad is in good hands and knows you'll be there for him in the days ahead; he's lucky to have such great support.

Just make sure you take time out for yourself every now and then, and if there's anything I can do, just shout!

Hugs for the Bluey!family and lots of prayers and healing vibes for your papa. Keep your optimism flowing! There's so much to be said for the power of positive attitude, and I dare say I know no-one more positive than you, dear Bluey!

All strength and positive vibes and prayers to you, dearest, darling Bluey.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

*hugs you tightly*
*crosses fingers firmly*

Crossing fingers and thinking of both of you. Is it done yet?

Sending out many good thoughts.

Plenty of good thoughts and positive wishes and strengthening vibes sent out to you and yours, my dear. All will, will, WILL be well. ♥

i am crossing everything i have and sending positive vibes your way. i hope there is good news very soon! *hugs*

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