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Very, very, very briefly, because I have been up for a long, long time, and I finally just got home, where I soon will be enjoying my pyjamas and some good Mexican takeout, and very shortly thereafter, my bed. (Hopefully for the next 12 hours or so...)

But: the surgery is over, and it went as perfectly as possible, according to Dad's surgeon, and Dad is in a beautiful room with a beautiful view, and they're taking excellent care of him. It was a long surgery, but they were able to make it as minimally invasive as possible, which is also wonderful. Pain management was an issue this afternoon/evening, and we stayed with Dad until that was settled satisfactorily, but they were finally able to sort him out, and when I left him, he was watching some wonderful-horrible show about nightmare infestations and finally dozing off for some much-needed rest.

Speaking of much-needed rest... I should get some. Thank you a thousand times for being such wonderful, supportive friends, and all for all the love and positive thoughts and healing vibes you sent today. I swear we could feel it, all day long, and it felt like the best sort of hug. &hearts
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Fantastic news! Rest well.

Yay! I knew he would be fine, but I'm glad for both of you that the worst is over.

Hallelujah! *hugs you tightly* So glad for this excellent news! Much love to you and your whole family and swift healing to your dad.

yay! so glad to hear this. i hope by now you are sleeping the sleep of the hard-won and truly deserving, and the same for your dad. *hugs*

Oh, that is such relieving and utterly fantastic news. Continued wishes of good, speedy healing to your dad, and a long and pleasant rest to you. *hugs*

Yay, yay, and yay!! *hugs you soooo tight*

*hugs* So glad it went well!

Now take good care of yourself so you can support your dad during his recovery.

Keeping all fingers and toes crossed that he'll heal completely and quickly.

Yay! That's so good to hear! Still waiting on my dad's surgery. He had to have chemo first, then heal from it.

I was really hoping I'd log in this morning to see some good news from you! I hope you got some restful, peaceful sleep after your long day and all that worry. My best wishes to your Dad. I'm so glad the operation went well, that is a BIG hurdle over with and now you can all focus on his recovery.

Sweet dreams xxx

Hooray! Oh gosh I'm so glad it all went well, that's terrific news.

Excellent news! So glad to hear he's doing well.

So glad to hear it all went well.
Much Hugs

You are the best daughter in the world.

So happy for the good news, precious. I hope your dreams are sweet ones.

I am so happy to hear this wonderful news, but how could have been otherwise with all the love and healing thoughts and vibes being sent his way? And yours.

Rest, then glitter and peacock yourself up for your next visit.

Love you!

Excellent news! I'm so glad to hear this. I know what it's like to go through such things, and you're all doing heroic jobs. I hope your dad feels back to normal soon. I mentioned your dad to my friend's mother who had her own colon-cancer operation over five years ago now; she's sending "fellow-survivor healing thoughts," as she put it.

Wonderful news! All good thoughts to your dad for a quick and pain-free recovery.

So relieved and encouraged for you all. Hope you got some good rest for yourself so you can do and be what you need to do and be. Much love beaming at you from 122.2697°W.

That is excellent news!

Loves you, Sonia :)

Oh, Bluey, I'm so glad to hear he's doing well. Good thoughts to him for a quick and easy recovery, and to you for a good rest. Sleep well and wake up refreshed, darling. <3

I'm so happy for you and your dad! Your description of the hospital and staff made me smile. It does sound like a place where good things happen.

Please forgive me for just now saying something- I'm playing catch up.

I'm very glad he came through this all right! Rest well.

Late to the party (skating weekend)

*throws confetti!*

(and I have a pattern for B.D. quilt - just need a few minutes to start it).

You're not late at all! You're just on time to celebrate us bringing Dad home. :D

I hope your skating weekend went well!

(And that's wonderful! I am very, very, very certain that Dad will be thrilled with it--and make excellent use of it. He's always cold, especially right now. Thank you again for the offer. &hearts)

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