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Peacock Dreams

Is it a joke or a concept?

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HP Beholder Reveals!
The Master List is up at hp_beholder, so I can now reveal that my contribution was the Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape story, Wholly to Be a Fool (PG-13), written for femmequixotic. Although I had to finish the story when things were getting really terrible for me, health-wise, I was thrilled at the opportunity to write for Femme, whose work is never less than gorgeous, articulate and moving. Her Snarry, "Gladly Beyond Any Experience," remains one of my personal favorites, so it was an honor to be able to write something for her.

The story took some turns that I hadn't imagined (some of those courtesy of duniazade's inspiration), but I'm happy with the finished result. I knew that I wanted to write about Eileen later in life, because I wanted to show that life, redemption and love are possible at any stage, even after we think we've blown all our chances. I also wanted to write something that took a fresh look at the Snape family backstory, since we know so little from canon, and most of the commonly accepted readings of those dynamics rest more heavily on fanon speculation than on canon. Part of the fun for me became figuring out how Snape's parents would resemble him, in their actions, their virtues and their mistakes.

In addition to Eileen/Tobias, the story also features a tiny bit of Snape/Draco, as well as good amounts of Hermione, Luna, Ron, Ginny and Harry. I might as well list Spinner's End as a character, too. *g* That was the other bit that was fun: writing about familiar people and things from Eileen's 'outsider' perspective. It made me look at some of my favorite characters a bit differently.

My own gift was Cotyledon, fabulous little jewel of an illustrated story by trickofthedark, AKA Didodikali. It features Hooch/Slughorn, Snape/Pomfrey and Trelawney/Firenze, and it surpassed any expectations I ever could have had for the fest. It's a lovely, adorable piece, and it makes me grin each time I read it. Go and check it out, if you haven't! The illustrations alone are worth your attention.

I have to thank bethbethbeth profusely for holding the fest and being so understanding with my difficulties. She's a fabulous mod! I also need to thank drachenmina for the lightening-quick beta/Brit-pick and duniazade, not only for the beta but for once again gracefully serving as my muse. She's improved the story immeasurably just by inspiring me in many ways, and I can't thank her enough!

Please go check out the Master List here, and have a good time browsing and reviewing! There were some wonderful things produced, and they deserve to be recognized. You won't be sorry!

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I have been called many things, but "muse" is a first for me, I think.

I'm honoured, and deeply happy to have been of use!

~hugs~ Oh, you are most definitely a muse to me! Conversations with you cause my ideas to multiply and flourish. My stories would never take some of the turns they do without your help.

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