Peacock Dreams

Is it a joke or a concept?

Off to the Magic Land of Fudge and Christmas
I meant to update before now, but it will obviously have to wait until next week. Geography Teacher and I are off up to Frankenmuth for a few days, so I'm just putting the finishing touches on packing (I really, really need to learn how to pack more efficiently) and then we are off.

I plan to have fun and loll around in the psychedelic water park and eat fudge and Zehnders chicken and come back with far too much in the way of pretty yarn and quirky accessories and peacock-themed Christmas ornaments. I think there might be something in the way of horse-drawn carriage rides and riverboat cruises, too. ;-)

Since I have no idea what the internet reception will be like at the hotel, I can't promise I'll check in this weekend. But if I seem to have disappeared, now you'll know why! I'll probably be reachable by Twitter or text, but can't promise anything else.

Please don't break the internets while I'm gone! Hugs and smooches to all of you. &hearts

Va Va... Vroom?
I stumbled onto one of those amusing/silly time-wasters today, in the form of the Deluxe Pinup Maker, which allows you to recreate yourself in classic pinup girl style. It was entirely too much fun to play with all the options for customizing!

But, you wonder, what would I look like in pinup format? Well, click the cut to see.

Pinup Girl BlueyCollapse )

Ah, but that's not the most exciting thing going on in my corner of the world just lately. Not by a long shot. The most exciting thing would definitely have to be the motorcycle.

Yes. Soon-to-be-64 Bluey Dad bought himself a motorcycle. A Honda Nighthawk 750, to be exact.

And I couldn't be happier for him.

Pics and the full story under the cutCollapse )

Of Peacocks and Chameleons and Life and Stuff
It's that Interview Meme again! You know, the one where you comment to a post, and get seven topics to discuss, and then you talk about them? And then you offer topics to people who comment to your post and ask to join in? Yeah, that meme.

The lovely karelia gave me some lovely topics to discuss, so I'm going to do that now. And if you'd like some topics of your own to discuss, just comment and let me know!

Now then... if you for some unfathomable reason missed those posts where I ramble on and on about things, you're in luck. Because this is one of those posts. Not sure if that's a warning or an enticement. ;-)

Of Peacocking and Life and Michigan and Bowie and Writing and thingsCollapse )

Blast from the Past
Quiz stolen from the marvelous Dicky and kellychambliss.

I think mundungus42 and clairvoyant will know EXACTLY why I found this result so amusing. *g* You see, when I was a little Bluey, I idolized Wonder Woman. Quite a lot. To perhaps, say, the extent of owning the Wonder Woman Underoos costume and leaping around on my bed while wearing it. How I imagined I was fighting crime that way, I have no idea. But I'm sure I looked fabulous. ;-)

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash

You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz...

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Happiness is...
... waking up to a filthy sinus migraine and the reality of a house without coffee... and then having your Knight in Shining Cardigan bring you both a giant, freshly-brewed coffee, and a healthy supply of coffee beans for later, because caffeine is the only thing that really helps. (Thanks, Geography Teacher. &hearts)

...having wonderful and treasured friends who are there for you when you're most in need of comforting and a shoulder to cry on. This goes double for those friends who would even brave Universal Studios theme park in the middle of July, just to make you smile. (Thanks, sc010f, and all of you who offered good thoughts and support this weekend. &hearts)

...blue skies and sunshine and marshmallow fluff clouds and pleasingly warm, benevolent temperatures.

...poking around in the garden and seeing that all your plants are doing well, and the flowers are flourishing, and Vince the Vine has had two extra bonus blossoms that are just opening, and the red lilies are getting ready to pop.

...having a lovely conversation with neighbors, during which they admired my garden and I admired (and made friends with) their sweet new Black Lab puppy.

...the sound of wind chimes, dancing on the breeze.

...being carded for a product that only requires you to be EIGHTEEN to buy it. This is particularly flattering when it occurs in the same week as your birthday. *g*

...receiving a coupon for a free cupcake on said birthday!

...having the great delight of reading a wonderful feature in the Free Press this morning on Patti Smith (who is back in town this weekend to open her photography show) and her personal walk-through of the Detroit Institute of Arts. It makes me wish for a virtual Patti Smith to accompany me on my own visits to the museum! Her unpretentious joy and insight and enthusiasm and wit and thoughtfulness are beautiful, and a welcome breath of fresh air in connection with art.

(There will be a more involved updating later, when brains are more fully functional and less squeezed, but in the meantime: all is well. ~smooches and hugs to all~)

More Good Things Are Happening!
First of all, a thousand thanks for all the incredible kindness and good wishes on my last post, which has totally overwhelmed me, and just... thank you for being wonderful. I've always known you were excellent friends, but you continue to impress me with said excellence all the time. I don't know what I've done to deserve your friendship, but I'm so grateful it exists. &hearts

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention one other critical detail to all of you, which is that Geography Teacher is not even a little bit weirded out by fandom or fannish things. His cat is named Bellatrix, so... I suppose that detail speaks for itself. ;-)

But I have even more good news to share, because Best Friend texted me yesterday, out of the blue, saying that she was in town for some family business, and would I want to meet for lunch, even though it was short notice?

My response, of course, was a resounding HELL YES. *g* And we had an absolutely fantastic time. She had some great news to tell me, and we spent hours talking. But to fully appreciate just how awesome this all was, and how happy I was to see her, I need to fill you all in on a bit of background.

It's so good to see her feeling goodCollapse )

So. Yes. Good things aboundeth. And now I'm off to turn a large amount of lemons into the Lemon Lemons Loaf from the Baked cookbook. Only I'm planning to add a lemon glaze, so they'll be Lemon Lemon Lemon Loaves. Wish me luck!

And big hugs and love to all of you, as ever.

I have no idea what this signifies, but...

Your result for Game of Thrones House Quiz...

House Tyrell

40% Stark, 47% Lannister, 18% Baratheon, 43% Tully, 79% Tyrell, 32% Martell, 31% Targaryen, 10% Greyjoy and 41% Arryn!

- Prefer subtlety over direct confrontation

- Ambitious

Willing to use any and all tactics to accomplish their goals

- See lying as useful

- See morality in shades of grey

- Fond of things with aesthetic value

- Like to be thought of as refined, cultured people

- Want to be taken seriously

Take Game of Thrones House Quiz at HelloQuizzy

I'm sure I'd understand this a bit better if I knew anything about Game of Thrones, but as a character summation, it's not bad. A bit off the mark in a few traits but pretty close, particularly in being fond of things with aesthetic value and preferring to avoid confrontation. On the whole, it sounds quite a bit like Slytherin to me, which amuses me greatly. :D
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Strawberry Feels Forever
I feel ashamed to say it, but the Avengers squee baffles meCollapse )

But that's not really what I wanted to talk about today. What I wanted to talk about was... strawberries. Because, through a series of strange events, I recently came to have a whole lot of strawberries, and the search for a recipe to do them justice took me on a nostalgia trip.

Strawberries? Strawberries. And France.Collapse )

Aside from the strawberry feels and all that up above, life is good, if mostly unremarkable... which is good, actually, if you're in a de-stressing period. The dinner and date at the Lebanese restaurant that I mentioned in the last post were both very successful, albeit cut shorter than it would have been, due to a spectacularly dramatic thunderstorm that had it pouring rain down my chimney and through the bathroom vents. (Don't worry; it's all fine. And the restaurant is EVEN BETTER than advertised--clairvoyant, I might just have to take you there. They're magicians!) We took a rain check for dessert. ;-)

Not much else to mention. The writing continues, and I continue to be happy with it. I rescued two more homeless plants, for my Garden of Misfit Plants: two pretty green-and-white hostas, which have been transplanted to the front bed, near the rescued daisies, and so far seem to be doing well. The other resident Misfit Plants are thriving; Vince-the-vine is outdoing himself with the buds, although I've given up on trying to separate him from Howard-the-bush, and the redheaded lilies that I rescued two years ago seem to be in love with their location near Remus-the-holly, judging from the way they've filled out the space.

Have also agreed to watch the godchildren--Goddaughter, Godson, and Mini-me--for some extended time this summer, which should be fun, as well as a nice vacation for their parents. I had a long conversation with their mother, Cousin M, about Goddaughter and her progress in her first-grade progress. It turns out that she loves languages and shows an aptitude for them, is tremendously artistic and imaginative and wants to take on every creative project that drifts through her head, and is a massive ham when performing in front of large groups, but goes utterly blushy and shy and self-conscious in smaller, more intimate groups.

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I'm pretty sure Goddaughter has inherited my personality. *g* Poor dear...

It's a Beautiful Day...
(And if you mentally sang the title of this journal entry, I hope it was with the voice of Freddie Mercury and NOT Bono.)

I woke up with a sentence in the front of my mind this morning, very clear and distinct, almost as if I'd been repeating to myself in my dreams so that I would remember. It's an intriguing phenomenon, because although ideas and scenes come to mind very often when I'm near sleep, I don't remember often having such a specific arrangement of words to show for it. (The last time it happened, I think, was when I wrote The French Connection!) In any case, I've decided to hang onto it, for I'm sure that when the right opportunity comes to use it, I'll recognize it.

I love imagining what my mental writing box must look like. I visualize it as some glittery, colorful jumble of scraps of ideas and concepts and jokes and thoughts and turns of phrase and observations and remembered moments and unexpected insights and clippings of scenes to come, frozen in time until they can be glued into place, and raw-edged, unfinished feelings. In my head, it's halfway between my one grandmother's overflowing box of sewing notions and my other grandmother's overflowing box of paints and pastels and other art supplies.

Anyway. Writing productivity has been little short of explosive since kissing adieu to the semester and final grades. (Imagine that! Much easier to write when you can devote so much more of your brain to the activity. Who'd have thought it? *g*) I'm terribly pleased with what I produced over the weekend, and I got some wonderfully encouraging feedback from trusted sources (~squishes said sources with pure love~), so hopefully I'll be able to post that very soon. I'm in a good writing place: the images flow freely, and so then do the words; I just need to get out of their way.

And other things are also good, like friends and cupcakes and cooking and... Jack White?Collapse )

Probably enough nattering for now. It's nice to have the mental room to natter, though. I've got plans tonight for a dinner date at this new-ish Lebanese bistro that's supposedly one of the best in town (a pretty stiff competition, considering that Mediterranean cuisine is pretty much omnipresent here in Metro Detroit, but I have heard lots of good things, so we'll see). High hopes!

And today is also my parents' 37th wedding anniversary, so I'll have to wish a very happy anniversary to the Hippie and the Smart Cookie, too. I do owe them quite a bit, after all. ;-)

Hugs, big love, and glittery kisses to all!

On the passing of OWL and the raising of wands
I've read so many entries this morning about the passing of OWL--tributes, elegies, rants--and all of them were intelligent and illuminating and justified, and I think that mulling them all has finally helped me to crystallize my own feelings on the matter in word format. I thank you all for sharing your perspectives and your feelings. It has been, I think, a good discussion.

To preface: these are simply my own feelings, and my own effort to get some perspective and understand my own motivations and reactions a little better. This is neither a criticism nor a judgment of others and their own reactions, and it is said with the utmost respect for them. There is no one right way to feel; we all have had our own legitimate reasons for feeling the way that we do, for wanting to raise (or not raise) our wands.

And these just happen to be mine.Collapse )

And as I finish writing this, "Don't Look Back in Anger" has randomly popped up on shuffle. ~laughs and claps~ Never let it be said that my psychic iTunes doesn't have a sense of humor! And thank goodness for that, because I'd rather smile than cry. &hearts


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