Peacock Dreams

Is it a joke or a concept?

Singer of Unheard Songs
Truly, I hate these things. Who can sum themselves up like this? But...

Bluestocking is a professional thinky person and a huge fan of a laundry list of fictional characters (including but not limited to Severus Snape, Count D, Sherlock Holmes, House, Crowley, Vince Noir, and so on). She gardens a lot, cooks and bakes even more, and drinks entirely too much coffee and tea. She specializes in English Lit., though she still has a soft spot for philosophy, law, political theory, history and all things French. Her book piles overrunneth. She unapologetically loves shiny, pretty things, good design, and a killer pair of boots or shoes. She also analyzes everything far more than is healthy or sane, and though she is frequently better at taking things apart than she is at creating them, she still keeps trying to write fiction. She lives a stone's throw from Canada with her two clever cats and considers sarcasm not only an art form, but a virtue. She loves goofy, clever, absurd humor like The Mighty Boosh, Monty Python or even Mel Brooks, and won't apologize for giggling like a twelve-year-old at smart-stupid jokes.

In the HP fandom, she has written Snape with almost anybody--het or slash, gen, or perhaps even with inanimate objects--but her most common ships are Snuna, SS/HG, Snarry and Snupin, with a smattering of Snape/Minerva. Her current obsessions, however, are The Mighty Boosh (and everything in the Booshniverse) and Sherlock, so she's now scheming endless ways to make Howard/Vince and John/Sherlock happen.

Current LJ Layout is the work of midenianscholar. Check out the rest of her work at scholarslayouts; it's lovely stuff. The Mighty Boosh custom mood theme is the work of colorsblend.

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